Stark Research Group, UC Berkeley

Undergraduate Researcher (September 2018 - November 2020) I worked on the Look Who’s Talking project to examine differences in the number, nature, and duration of interruptions in academic job talks based on the presenter’s gender. I created zero-inflated negative binomial models to model the type and number of questions received in faculty talks, performed permutation tests to analyze difference in audience behaviour, and helped draft a paper for publication.

UC Berkeley Family and Culture Lab

Undergraduate Researcher (January 2017 - May 2018) I worked on the Kids and Family Project, a longitudinal study started in 2008 that examined the risk and protective factors for mental health adjustment in 258 first and second generation Chinese-American immigrant children. The study aimed to investigate the overall development and individual differences in not only their mental health adjustment, but also their academic and socio-emotional competence and what contextual factors place them at risk for maladjustment. I was responsible for designing and maintaining the database using SPSS and Excel, as well as collecting, processing, and evaluating written and online surveys using Qualtrics.

Math Directed Reading Program

Undergraduate Student (September 2017 - December 2017) I participated in an independent reading project mentored by a PhD candidate, Charles Wang. My focus was on convex polytopes, which draws upon a variety of fields such as combinatorics and graph theory, using Günter Ziegler’s Lectures on Polytopes.


Face Lattice of a Convex Polytope

Abstract: Given a square or a cube, it’s easy to see how many vertices and edges it has. However, it gets much harder to see these results in higher dimensions – for example how many cubes are in a 4-dimensional hypercube? In this talk, we will completely characterize the combinatorial structure of a hypercube and generalize our findings to a face lattice of a convex polytope.

UC Berkeley DRP Talks, Berkeley, CA. December 2017